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Innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) are tissue-resident effector cells with roles in tissue homeostasis, protective immunity, and inflammatory disease. Group 3 ILCs (ILC3s) are classically defined by the master transcription factor RORγt. However, ILC3 can be further subdivided into subsets that share type 3 effector modules that exhibit significant ontological, transcriptional, phenotypic, and functional heterogeneity. Notably lymphoid tissue inducer (LTi)-like ILC3s mediate effector functions not typically associated with other RORγt-expressing lymphocytes, suggesting that additional transcription factors contribute to dictate ILC3 subset phenotypes. Here, we identify Bcl6 as a subset-defining transcription factor of LTi-like ILC3s in mice and humans. Deletion of Bcl6 results in dysregulation of the LTi-like ILC3 transcriptional program and markedly enhances expression of interleukin-17A (IL-17A) and IL-17F in LTi-like ILC3s in a manner in part dependent upon the commensal microbiota-and associated with worsened inflammation in a model of colitis. Together, these findings redefine our understanding of ILC3 subset biology.

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Cell reports

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Lydia Becker Institute of Immunology and Inflammation, University of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL, UK; Division of Immunology, Immunity to Infection and Respiratory Medicine, School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, Manchester Academic Health Science Centre, University of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL, UK.


Lymphoid Tissue, Lymphocytes, Animals, Humans, Mice, Transcription Factors, Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-bcl-6, Immunity, Innate, Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 1, Group F, Member 3