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Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) can mediate antitumor effects by indirect mechanisms involving antiangiogenesis and up-regulation of the cellular immune response rather than by direct tumor cell destruction. From mAbs raised by immunization of rats with transformed murine endothelial cells, a mAb (EOL4G8) was selected for its ability to eradicate a fraction of established colon carcinomas that did not express the EOL4G8-recognized antigen. The antigen was found to be ICAM-2 (CD102). Antitumor effects of EOL4G8, which required a functional T-cell compartment, were abrogated by depletion of CD8+ cells and correlated with antitumor CTL activity, whereas only a mild inhibition of angiogenesis was observed. Interestingly, we found that EOL4G8 acting on endothelial ICAM-2 markedly enhances leukotactic factor activity-1independent adhesion of immature dendritic cells to endothelium-an effect that is at least in part mediated by DC-SIGN (CD209).


Journal article


Cancer Research

Publication Date





3167 - 3174